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Her Crew

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Her Crew

When we organized our Association in 2003, we collected dozens of monthly rosters of the Rankin's officers and crew. As a result, we have very good records of who was aboard during all her time in commission. We've worked hard to locate and keep track of these men, though there are many we haven't been able to find. 

Click Here to see a listing of everyone who served aboard the USS Rankin from 1945 to 1971. If you know of someone whose status is listed as Unknown, or of someone who has passed away, please let us know by email to Geof Caldwell at or by phone at 571-274-6067.

Her Officers

Click Here to see a list of all the officers who served aboard the Rankin, including whether they are alive, deceased, or of Unknown status. If they are alive, there is an indication of where they are living.

Her Captains

Click Here to see a list of her Commanding Officers in order of their service on the Rankin, including key facts about their lives, their exploits, and their service.

Shipmates on Parade

This is a fascinating compilation of the stories of men born from 1909 to 1950, who served on the Rankin from WWII through Vietnam, and who held positions from Seaman Second Class through Rear Admiral.
These stories, almost always written by the shipmates themselves, tell how the sailor or officer entered the Navy, what they did on the Rankin and at other duty stations, and what they did when they left the Navy. Some of them make pretty good Sea Stories.

Click Here to download the collection in PDF format, suitable for viewing, printing, and sharing.


USS Rankin Association
USS Rankin Association
USS Rankin Association

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